Michael Weil, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Founding partner of AR Global
  • Formerly, Mr. Weil served as Executive Vice President of AR Capital, where he supervised the origination of investment opportunities for all AR Capital-sponsored investment programs
  • Served as president of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Investment Securities Association (n/k/a ADISA)

Chris Masterson, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

  • Elected Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of New York City REIT in September 2019
  • Currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of Global Net Lease, Inc. (NYSE: GNL)
  • Past experience includes accounting positions with Goldman Sachs and KPMG

Jason Slear, Executive Vice President of Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions

  • Responsible for sourcing, negotiating and closing AR Global’s real estate acquisitions and dispositions
  • Oversaw the acquisition of over $3.5 billion of real estate assets and the lease-up of over 10 million square feet during professional career

Boris Korotkin, Senior Vice President of Capital Markets

  • Responsible for leading all debt capital market transactions
  • Former Executive Vice President of Transaction Structuring for American Financial Realty Trust

Ori Kravel, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

  • Responsible for corporate development and business strategy
  • Executed over $12 billion of capital market transactions and over $25 billion of M&A transactions

Chris Chao, Senior Vice President of Asset Management

  • Responsible for asset management and leasing activity
  • Former asset management and acquisitions director for Paramount Group, Inc., a 9 million square foot New York City office portfolio